COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Outs in ASEAN & Asia – Live Updates by Country

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(This article will be updated continuously. It was originally published on January 28, 2020. It was last updated on August 5, 2021)

Details of COVID-19 availability in all ten ASEAN countries and another 30 Asian nations.

Due to the developing situation in China and Asia concerning the Coronavirus, we will be operating this article as a running live update service to keep businesses involved in ASEAN and Asia updated with the latest relevant regional news.

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ASEAN coronavirus updates (Live updates by country)


Brunei has joined the global Covax scheme and is expecting to have the COVID-19 vaccine in Q1 2021, having sourced enough supplies to cover 50% of the population. Discussions are on-going with other suppliers.   

  • Brunei reported one new case on August 5, taking the total to 339 amid three deaths.
  • Brunei saw one new case on August 1, taking the total to 338 cases amid three deaths.
  • Brunei reported one new case on July 31, bringing the total to 337 amid three deaths.


Cambodia is expected to import vaccines from both China and Russia. China’s vaccines are still undergoing clinical trials while Russia has already commenced production. Australia has offered financial support to aid vaccine coverage in several southeast Asia countries including Cambodia.  

  • Cambodia reported 591 new cases and 19 deaths on August 5, bringing the tallies to 80,225 cases and 1,507 deaths.
  • Cambodia recorded 583 new cases and 17 deaths on August 4, taking the totals to 79,634 cases and 1,488 deaths.
  • Cambodia saw 577 new cases and 29 deaths on August 3, taking the tallies to 79,051 cases and 1,471 deaths.


Indonesia has commenced vaccinations with just over nine million doses being given to front line workers from last month. China’s Sinovac is in discussions with Indonesia to provide supplies, however, the Government faces difficulties with a large population of 270 million. Indonesia’s Health Ministry’s Disease Control and Prevention Director-General Achmad Yurianto said that vaccinations would only be provided to citizens aged 18-59. The vaccine has also been required to pass halal certification prior to use and it is uncertain how the country can source enough vaccines to reach a sizeable part of its population. 

  • Indonesia saw 35,764 new cases and 1,739 deaths on August 5, bringing the tallies to 3,568,331 cases and 102,375 deaths.
  • Indonesia recorded 35,867 new cases and 1,747 deaths on August 4, taking the totals to 3,532,567 cases and 100,636 deaths.
  • Indonesia saw 33,900 new cases and 1,598 deaths on August 3, taking the tallies to 3,496,700 cases and 98,889 deaths.

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