Shanker Iyer Appointed to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Taxation

Dec 17, 2020

Congratulations to Shanker Iyer, Executive Chairman, Asia, for his appointment to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Taxation. "I am honoured to be nominated as Singapore’s representative on the prestigious Paris based International Chamber of Commerce Commission on Taxation," says Shanker Iyer. "The Commission has close links with key international tax policy makers around the world. I would be pleased to forward concerns raised by LEA Global clients on international tax issues and will work closely with the International Tax SIG on such matters."


The Commission on Taxation is ICC's main working body on taxation policy issues.  The mandate of the Commission is to promote transparent and non-discriminatory treatment of foreign investments and earnings that eliminate tax obstacles to cross-border trade and investment. The Commission is composed of almost 160 tax experts from companies and business associations in around 40 countries from different regions of the world and all economic sectors. 


The Commission priorities/projects for the Commission in general terms focus on analysing developments in international taxation policy and legislation and put forward business views on government and intergovernmental projects affecting taxation as well as advocating for a consistent global tax system, founded on the premise that stability, certainty and consistency in global tax principles are essential for business and will foster cross-border trade and investment.  In this respect ICC provides global business input on key tax policy issues through international bodies such as the OECD, the UN Committee of Experts in Tax Matters and its sub-committees, as well as the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Co-operation Mechanism.  ICC, also advocates for increased tax certainty, which is an essential factor in attracting cross-border trade and investment, and relies, to a large degree, on strengthening the consistency of the international tax system.   


For more information, visit the Global Taxation page for latest information on recent work and news articles from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Taxation.

Shanker Iyer, Executive Chairman, Asia, IQ-EQ


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