When you choose to work with an LEA Global firm, you get access to a worldwide network of accounting and business experts in diverse services and industries.

As the second-largest international professional association, LEA Global can open doors in the more than 110 countries where our 220 member firms operate in 607 offices. We aren’t just a glorified directory of loosely connected international providers. We are an alliance of closely aligned firms helping each other work toward common goals. LEA Global firm members don’t need to search on Google to find the best expert in an unfamiliar industry or geographic area for their clients — they already know the right people to contact within the alliance.

Here are examples of how LEA Global has helped companies like yours.
A middle market company began doing business internationally, but was hesitant to aggressively pursue opportunities in countries where the executives didn’t have contacts. Intimidated by the unknown, the company worked with its LEA Global firm to build the bridge, gaining local familiarity through LEA Global’s connections to accounting and banking contacts as well as attorneys. The new relationships also helped the company cut through all the red tape involved in crossing borders.

A U.S. provider of sophisticated electronics equipment has customer locations in multiple states. When it faced a multi-million-dollar assessment for uncollected sales tax in the state of Washington, the electronics provider turned to its Oregon-based LEA firm for assistance. That firm reached out to a fellow LEA firm in Washington who used a past case to convince the state’s auditor to drop the assessment.

When a company with subsidiaries around the world sought to outsource its tax function, it considered an LEA Global firm and a Big 4 firm. The LEA Global firm coordinated the proposal with fellow LEA member firms located where the company’s subsidiaries were. After reviewing both proposals, the company determined its complete global outsourcing solution should be provided by the LEA Global firm.

A U.S.-based gear box manufacturer operates facilities in multiple countries. At one of its smaller operations in Europe, the manufacturer used a management agency to take care of payroll, invoicing, collections and payables. When the manufacturer mentioned this to its LEA Global firm, it was connected with the LEA Dutch affiliate, which ultimately provided the same services for approximately half the cost.
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