Omaha, Neb.  – Lutz, a Nebraska-based business solutions firm, welcomes Jessica Howes, Andy McLane, Dakota Schriner, and Jeffrey Shafer.


Jessica Howes joins Lutz Talent as a Talent Sourcer in the Omaha office. She is responsible for interviewing and placing candidates for Lutz Talent clients. Howes focuses on recruiting for the accounting, finance, office administrative and human resource industries. Graduating from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Jessica received a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with a minor in leadership communication. 


Joining Lutz Tech as a Systems Engineer, Andy McLane brings over 18 years of technology systems and engineering experience to the team. He is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining application software and system management tools. Andy graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. McLane works in Lutz’s Lincoln office.


Dakota Schriner joins Lutz’s accounting division as a Staff Accountant in the tax department. He performs complex consulting, as well as controversial service projects. Projects include assisting clients with tax-related issues from pursuing tax incentives, to managing state tax audits. Dakota received his Bachelor’s degree in accounting and management information systems from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Dakota works in Lutz’s Omaha office.


Bringing over eight years of industry experience, Jeffrey Shafer joins Lutz Tech as a Systems Administrator in Lutz’s Omaha office. He is responsible for ensuring all systems are in working order through day-to-day system repairs and maintenance. Specifics include software installations, security inspections, server upkeep, troubleshooting and other technical support for end-users. Graduating from Bellevue University, Jeffrey received his Bachelor’s degree in information technology.



About Lutz

Lutz is the business solutions firm for people seeking a partner to help energize and heighten financial and organizational success. Born and raised in Nebraska, our experienced team simplifies complexities and provides accounting, wealth management, recruiting, M&A and technology services. We embrace your business as our own to spark the right solutions and help you thrive. MIND WHAT MATTERS + WWW.LUTZ.US


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