SAN Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd is pleases to announce “Ablifree”, a Business analytics and development enterprise by Bluemark Software Pvt Ltd.


Ablifree  is a business network that works on data intelligence.


Ablifree provides Business intelligence tools which work for your business growth generating business opportunities across global boundaries.


Using the analytics and data, services focus on:

  • Bringing all business community a seamless platform for growth

  • Enabling easy connectivity to global business community

  • Giving a platform to businesses where they can share their financial strengths and needs.

  • Providing opportunities for business collaborations globally.

  • Giving a platform to businesses where they share and glorify their technological USP’s and innovations.

  • Connecting outsourcing needs of businesses to un-utilized/under-utilized capacities of other businesses.

  • Providing analytics based promotional services to all the businesses.

  • Helping small and micro-scale businesses to tap more and more business growth by giving them opportunities to grow beyond their geographical boundaries.

  • Access to global technology, finance and business forums to stay updated with latest trends in the market 

A social network helps its members to have more social connections and enhance their social life, similarly, a business network helps its members to get connected and enhance their business connections for more and more business. Blending together the fundamentals of functions of a business network and data driven decision making algorithms, "Ablifree" creates the concept of SMART and DIGITAL business network.


SAN Corporate Advisors says that Ablifree is a smart mobile app which carries your entire business profile but also keeps understanding it better and better every minute you spend on this app. It analyzes business profile of every member based on basic and advanced parameters attached to it. The patent pending process then pushes every profile through a large number of permutations and combinations to find relevant business connects for everyone.


The application is available for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Android

AblifreeApp can be downloaded at the Google Store or Google play.


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