Bellevue, WA – Clark Nuber PS congratulates the following team members on their recent promotions:


  • Principals: Sarah Wine, Matt Sutorius, Elizabeth Nesmith

  • Senior manager: Brandi Fruik, Jamie Witt, Kelly Rancourt

  • Manager: Celia Davis, Lisa McCreedy, Sara Sutorius, Maria Szobi, Brittani O’Malley

  • Senior: Brianne Lynn, Chris Salee, Saida Rakhimova, Shareen Corlett, Kate Harding


Additionally, Clark Nuber PS has brought in new talent at the senior manager level: Allison Miller, Kathryn DeFilippo, manager level: Jennifer Collins; and senior level: Darin Nakatsu, Erika Ukkestad, Caroline Mahalitc, and Elizabeth Lemos.


CEO Rob Wheeler said, “The combination of internal and external growth is invigorating. Combining the skills of new people, with the talents of our experienced staff, makes for an exciting end to the year and a great 2018.”


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About Clark Nuber PS

Clark Nuber serves privately held and family businesses, angel and venture-backed companies, public companies, foundations, not-for-profit and public-sector organizations, and high net worth individuals and their families. Our services include financial statement audits; internal audit support; risk management; internal control systems; indirect cost rate consulting; merger and acquisition services; federal, state, and international tax planning and compliance; CFO/Controller/accounting services, and specialty audits including employee benefit plans and government grants.