CPA and business advisory firms increasingly rely on publishing quality content to keep clients informed and to drive new leads for their firms. While CPA firm leaders understand the need for a consistent content program, they often lack the resources – especially during busy season – to write blogs, e-books and custom content.


Recognizing the gap in the CPA market for timely, lead-generating content, Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing, an award-winning marketing agency for Skoda Minotti CPA and Business Advisors and its external clients, introduces CPA ContentPlus—a repository of hundreds of ready-to-use blogs/articles, regularly updated and accessible to CPA firms.


CPA ContentPlus offers CPA and business advisory firms blogs, newsletters, e-books and custom articles that address regulatory changes, industry updates, tax-savings tips, evergreen articles and much more.


“Firms across the country are looking for timely, relevant content to deliver ROI for their business; CPA ContentPlus can make a substantial impact to their bottom line,” explains Jonathan Ebenstein, partner and managing director, Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing. “Who can better understand the content needs of a CPA firm better than a marketing team within a national CPA firm—we understand this audience better than any other content producer.”


Skoda Minotti, an Accounting Today Top 100 CPA firm, enlists its own CPAs and in-house professional content writers to develop content that generates leads and positions CPA firms as thought leaders. Features of CPA ContentPlus include:


·       Comprehensive Selection: 24/7 access to over hundreds of ready-to-use articles with new articles added each month


·       Search Engine Optimization: The content CPA firms choose, which comes with recommended SEO tags, will live on their website, increasing the firm’s visibility to search engines


·       Customized Content: Our experienced content developers will write custom content – such as e-books – for CPA firms when they need it—perfect for specialty niches and enhanced inbound marketing programs


·       The “Plus”: In addition to customized content, CPA ContentPlus can include blogging assistance, e-newsletter and social media services and other marketing services


·       Subscription Plans: Providing great value, CPA ContentPlus subscriptions include an e-book that will be used to drive leads, connect marketing to sales and help demonstrate ROI for the CPA firm’s blogging and inbound marketing efforts.


·       Flexible Pricing: CPA firms can also choose a specific number of blogs, articles, checklists or e-books they want at the time they want them.


“Consistent keyword-rich content is essential for CPA firms that want to improve their website rankings,” said Ebenstein. “In today’s SEO world, the more often a CPA firm posts unique content, the better it will perform in attracting targeted prospects. Our goal with CPA ContentPlus is to provide diverse, valuable content to CPA clients in the most time-efficient manner.”


For more information about CPA ContentPlus, CPA and business advisory firms can visit or call Anna Marie Murphy at 888-201-4484.


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