Buffalo, NY – Freed Maxick has utilized Augmented Reality (AR) in recruiting efforts this year. This is the first time AR has been used for this specific initiative at the Firm, but not the first time the Firm has implemented it. AR is defined as an enhanced image or environment viewed on a screen or other display, produced by overlaying computer-generated images, sounds, or other data on a real-world environment. Freed Maxick used Augmented Reality for the first time back in March for a print advertisement in the Buffalo Business First publication, enhancing the current testimonial campaign that features some of their most valued clients.


It was determined that the AR technology was perfectly suited for on-campus recruiting strategies. This younger demographic is receptive to new trends, and tech savvy, which made the decision to use AR an easy one. Freed Maxick worked with an outside vendor to develop a custom 30-second video featuring the Firm’s purpose statement. The group also collaborated with the vendor to design a new AR enabled display booth. The design of the display was carefully executed, with thought given to space restrictions, ease of use, branding, and strong instructional signage alerting students of the AR feature. Freed Maxick branded ear buds were also handed out at the events, which made hearing the video easier on a smartphone in the typically loud event spaces. Branded AR enabled handouts were also provided for those who couldn't stop to view the AR display booth at the event.


“We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve,” states Recruiting Director Shawn Frier, CPA. “We were the first, and only firm, to bring this type of disruptive technology to the recruiting events this fall at the local colleges and universities. It definitely created the buzz we wanted and showcased our amazing culture in a creative, innovative way for the students.”