2016 promotions were announced at the Anders firm meeting on June 29th. Those promoted include tax promotions Lucas Luckett, Justin Marty, Todd Gebhardt, Nathan Stonner, Nic Wigglesworth.


Lucas A. Luckett, CPA/PFS has been promoted to Manager in the Tax Services group. Lucas works with clients in our Family Wealth and Estate Planning group. He brings a wide variety of tax and family wealth experience to his clients, specializing in individual and corporate tax planning, estate planning and stock option planning.


Justin P. Marty, CPA has been promoted to Manager in the Tax Services group. Justin serves not-for-profit organizations, including labor unions, and prepares most of the request Form 990s at Anders, and has specific experience in labor, welfare, pension, vacation and other funds.


Todd W. Gebhardt, CPA has been promoted to Supervisor in the Tax Services group. He advises both businesses and individuals on their tax needs, and provides tax planning & consulting services.  Todd serves clients in a variety of industries, but much of his work is in the real estate & construction industries.


Nathan P. Stonner, CPA has been promoted to Supervisor in the Tax Services group. Nathan consults with clients on a full range of tax issues, and specializes in providing services to professional services firms.. He helps clients automate their key accounting functions, including accounting and bill paying, using his expertise as a QuickBooks® consultant.


Nicholas C. Wigglesworth, CPA has been promoted to Supervisor in the Tax Services group. Nic has a wide range of experience in various tax-related areas. Specifically, he prepares federal and multi-state tax returns for high-net-worth individuals, partnerships, LLCs, C Corporations and S Corporations.





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