To help increase awareness and raise funds for research, KLR team members joined the Annual March for Babies’  on Saturday, April 30th at Colt State Park.  The annual three mile March for Babies event brings parents, friends, and relatives of surviving and deceased premature babies together to join in the fight against short term pregnancies.


The presence of young children and babies at the event was inspiring, to say the least, especially on our own team. Though Carter Wheeler was born healthy to KLR associate Stephanie Wheeler, his presence at the event, nonetheless, made us all step back and appreciate the healthy children in our own lives and the lives of those around us.


“I participated in the March for Babies event because I believe every baby deserves a fighting chance,” Wheeler says. “As a new mom I can’t imagine life without my son.   He was born on time and very healthy, but when I was 7 months pregnant, a car accident almost caused Carter to be born early.  The doctors did everything in their power to ensure that my pregnancy would last the full nine months, and that Carter’s health would not be jeopardized.  I was very lucky and it made me realize that my participation in the March for Babies event would help other babies in similar situations.”


About KLR Community Activities:

The Firm has always encouraged and supported all of our team members to become active in the community.  The many events that our team members are involved in benefit from their passion and enthusiasm.