Over the past 16 months, Gary Shutan, CPA has been working with Irwin Steinberg, CPA on transitioning the Managing Shareholder role. Effective January 1st, Gary Shutan assumed the role as President and Managing Shareholder of Steinberg Advisors, LTD.  Gary joined the Firm 11 years ago as Shareholder in the A & A Department.  Over the years, Gary has shown an unparalleled commitment to our clients and the Firm.  He has been involved in recruiting, mentoring staff and is excellent client handler.  He is steadfast in growing the Firm and making it the premier mid-sized CPA firm in the Chicagoland area.    

Irwin Steinberg (Chairman) will continue his client service efforts and building our brand.  The firm is indebted to Irwin for his vision and drive in leading this firm since inception fifteen years ago to where it is today.