OMAHA, Neb., - Lutz rose seven spots to rank No. 114 on INSIDE Public Accounting's 2014  list of the Top 200 Accounting Firms List

The fifth annual ranking of Beyond the IPA 100 identifies the largest Accounting firms in the nation ranking from No. 101 to No. 200. Lutz made its debut on the list in 2010 at No. 148 and has risen in the rankings each year since then to its current ranking. 

For the 2014 survey year, IPA 200 firms ranged in size from $14 million to $31 million in revenues, and from 60 to 235 staff. These firms employ more than 12,000 staff across the nation, up 9% from last year. The IPA 200 group averaged 5.4% top line growth compared to 4.3% in 2013 and 6.2% bottom line growth compared to 3.7% one year earlier.

More than 540 firms participated in the IPA annual Survey and Analysis of Firms this year, along with many CPA firm associations contributing to the search to identify the IPA 200.

Inside Public Accounting reports and analyzes the news, trends, strategies and politics that affect the nation's public accounting firms, and provide information and resources to compete and operate more profitably.

About Lutz

Lutz is the accounting and business solutions firm for businesses and individuals seeking a partner to help energize and heighten financial and organizational success. Born and raised in Nebraska over the past 34 years, our experienced team simplifies complexities and provides expert tax, accounting, assurance, investment management, financial planning, technology and recruiting solutions. We embrace your business as our own to spark the right solutions and help you thrive.  Mind What Matters at