DALLAS, Texas - Kevin A. Warneke, Principle Audit at LGT, shows friends, family and co-workers his strength and determination by qualifying and participating in the 118th Boston Marathon. Warneke was fearless as he joined nearly 40,000 other runners in one of the world's most prestigious road racing events, in spite of last year's attack.

"Thanks all for the support through prayers, e-mails and texts regarding the marathon, before, during, and after the race! I feel humbled and blessed to get to run this race this year!  I witnessed the best of people in Boston and the running world over the weekend and got to meet some truly heroic people," said Warneke.

Many expressed concern for Warneke while he was in the race due to the tragedy that occurred at the last Boston Marathon, however, several new safety procedures have been put into place. Increased lookouts, cameras, emergency respondents, street closures and trauma consultants have helped put many at ease as the world's oldest marathon refused to break tradition.

"The race was bitter sweet, with one of the many highlights being able to share hi-fives with the huge crowds that stood at the locations of last year's bombings," Warneke shares, "I feel so blessed to be able to take most of my family."  

Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC and its employees are proud to have such a hardworking and persistent individual on their team. LGT would like to congratulate Warneke for his completion of the race and for bringing his tireless work ethic with him to work every day.

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 About the Boston Marathon

The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has organized the Boston Marathon® since the event's inception in 1897.The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's most prestigious road racing events. The B.A.A. continues to manage this American classic, which has been sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services since 1986. The Boston Marathon has distinguished itself as the pinnacle event within the sport of road racing by virtue of its traditions, longevity, and method of gaining entry into the race (via qualification).

Please visit http://www.baa.org/about.aspx for more information about the Boston Marathon and for more information on the new safety procedures in place during the marathon visit:




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