KLR (Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd.), one of New England's largest CPA and business-consulting firms and Dezan Shira, one of Asia's full-service foreign direct investment practice, announces an educational series for manufacturing companies.  The series, "Doing Business in China: A US and China Perspective" focuses on the legal, tax, HR and payroll environment in China for US companies.

Successful manufacturing companies that want to expand their business to China must learn about process, regulatory issues and related costs in doing business from a US and China perspective.  Dezan Shira and KLR bring practical hands-on experience working with manufacturing companies in the US and China.

Attendees of the Series will gain insights into:

 Legal and tax aspects of doing business in China

  1. Key aspects of establishing a manufacturing facility in China

  2. HR issues in China and how to effectively manage your workforce

  3. Legal aspects of doing business in China


    Our goal is and always has been, to help our clients succeed.  Education, innovative service offerings and experience help our clients succeed.  If you are interested in learning more or would like to register for one of our sessions, please visit our website.